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Our projects are unique concept of elegant districts & one of the most luxurious compounds in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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From the Andalus Palaces beauty & ancient nobility to the modern luxury

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Who we are

Tatweer Housing Company is one of the major real estate development companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company contributes considerably to the local market need. The company's vision has been set to provide the best in this respect; rendering available the best in the field. Committed to provide modern real-estates that meet all requirements, the company is assiduous to attribute that to leaving a lucid developmental footprint in real estate market place in the Kingdom.

Tatweer Housing Company

Owing to the increasing growth of population and density of housing demand in the Kingdom, an urgent need for establishing a company to cope with such a vital and widespread real-estate investments field emerged. The company targets the development of the housing sector through research and development; building housing complexes in the different areas and contributing to the process of finding practical solutions for the increasing demand for housing unit by executing innovative projects.